Q and A

1. Why personal training?

Thousands of people every year leave gyms because they are frustrated with the lack of results, overcrowding, and variety in exercises and in some cases experience injury as a result of not exercising correctly.

Our master personal trainers constantly alternate your exercises ensuring variety, self development, motivation and encouragement through out your time with us in our state of the art studio with no peak periods!

The end result is excellent training in a friendly, enjoyable, personable non intimidating environment.


2. Am I too old?

There are no age limits at Peak Fitness and more importantly its never too late, everyone can benefit from exercise. Improved posture, bone health, heart and lung function, lower blood pressure, improved energy levels, brain function and self confidence are but a few benefits of exercise.


3. If I have a medical condition, will that stop me training?

With our master personal trainers expertise and experience in the field there is very little that would stop you from enjoying the benefits of exercise along with everyone else.

In most cases it will require a slightly different approach and we often liaise with local medical professionals to ensure correct exercise prescription.


4. Do I have to be very fit?

No, in fact one of our roles at Peak Fitness is to help clients develop their fitness levels.

We have worked with clients that have never exercised before and suffer with chronic medical conditions, regular exercise enthusiasts that are not achieving the results they desire to Olympic athletes.


5. How often should I train?

Medical guidelines recommend a minimum of 3 periods of 60 minutes of physical activity a week.

However, great results can be seen from training only once or twice a week if structured in to wider lifestyle changes and other physical activities if your diary is busy.


6. When can I expect to see results?

Clients report a significant increase in energy levels and general vitality as well as improved sleep in the first few weeks of training.

By the 6 – 12 week stage you can expect significant improvements in fitness levels and body shape.


7. Will I enjoy training?

Variety is the key, with our experience and expertise we will always find new and different ways to achieve your goals.

Everyone is different and as a result we do not all enjoy the same exercises and ways of training.

It is a two way process, you tell us what you prefer and we will always try and incorporate it into your training to ensure you enjoy every session.


8. Can I afford it?

We have a package to suit most budgets, and can usually tailor a package to your specific needs.


9. Is there anywhere to park?

Peak Fitness has on site free parking.



10. How do I find out more information?

Just fill out the online enquiry form or pop in and visit us or simply call the studio on 01926 495691

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